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You will never be forgotten

To my fallen brothers and sisters in arms

When you grow up as an Israeli you learn from as early as you can remember how close pain and happiness are. 

With the whole nation grieving the dead tonight and throughout the day tomorrow – tomorrow evening, as the sun sets, everyone will be getting ready to celebrate the Israeli Independence Day. 

For an outsider that “switch” we make, basically from one instant to the next, may be difficult to comprehend. For us it is simple. 

Whilst we are grieving the losses – and most of us are not grieving only on that day but on every day – we are celebrating too. We are celebrating that in spite of all the many who wanted us dead for decades and still want us dead – we are still here to celebrate (in their faces) and we are celebrating that the many who died in the defense of our country didn’t die in vain. They died so we could do just that. Dance, sing, celebrate!

If any of this makes sense to you – join me in remembering the victims of terror and fallen soldiers tonight. In thanking them for their sacrifice. In wishing those they have left behind comfort and strength to get through their days with a gaping hole in their hearts. 

To my fallen brothers and sisters in arms, I thank and salute you. 

You will never be forgotten. 
You have left your marks in the hearts you touched for all eternity. 
You have kept all of us safe. 

To those who were slain by terrorists, words can not describe the pain and anger that fills me over each and every single one of your senseless deaths. 

I hope all of you are happy and proud when you look down on us.

May your families and all of Israel one day be able to live in peace!


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