The dishonest Germans

Europe’s Teutonic moralizers might want to look at what’s happening at home.

(Paul Taylor, POLITICO) »The next time a German minister lectures another member of the European Union about the need to obey the rules, the target of the criticism might be forgiven for turning the tables.

The country that loves to hector others on the evils of moral hazard, to demand strict enforcement of EU fiscal rules and to depict Southern European countries as endemically corrupt, is mired in a cesspit. Scandal has struck Germany’s vaunted automobile industry, its largest engineering giant and its biggest bank — and there’s more than a suspicion that Berlin has long turned a blind eye.

Germany may be no cleaner or dirtier than other European countries. But it’s certainly more self-righteous. And so it’s hard to avoid a shiver of Schadenfreude at the mounting reports of unsavory — and possibly illegal — behavior by some of its biggest business brands.«

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