How Our Lives Continue During the Corona Lockdown

Whatever we think of the political steps taken we have a responsibility to take care of ourselves the best way we can - without endangering anyone else.

A New Chapter in the Book of Iran

Anyone who still follows the wrong concept that this regime brings stability or has any future is in dire need of a reality check.

»Othello« at the Berliner Ensemble

If you’re seeking a break from the mess in Syria you might want to treat yourself to the production of Shakespeare’s »Othello«.

Who’s side are you on?

In light of a recent designation of Iran’s Foreign Minister as a terrorist enabler the regime lobby has gone once again out of its way to defend Zarif.

You will never be forgotten

When you grow up as an Israeli you learn from as early as you can remember how close pain and happiness are.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a tiny strip of land by the name of Gaza. Conquered from Egypt during the six day war. A war Israel won. Like the one before.

Salem, Massachusetts

Who are today's witches? What religion or nationality do they take? The world still fears and persecutes. Mass hysteria seems only a few short ticks away.

The Islamic Republic Has Lost

Why isn’t this dictatorship history yet? Mainly two reasons: first and foremost, appeasement from the outside. And secondly repression from the inside.

Cleveland: Rockin’ this Town

From the moment Rock ‘n Roll hit the airwaves, it has also played a crucial role in political and social movements all over the world.

Getting Used to Terror

Almost all recent terrorists were well-known to the authorities. This raises questions in terms of the prison environment and duration of incarceration.

How Germany finances murderers of Jews

The Palestinian National Authority pays millions to terrorists and their families. Financed not least by German tax money.

United Nations against Israel

Alex Feuerherdt and Florian Markl describe with precision a decades old obsession within the Unites Nations with Israel. A standard work.

Road Trip USA

What should you see that would be ›real‹ America? As for the ›real‹ America, well, it’s all America, it’s all real, and it’s all very different. 


What you might need to know about Halloween: This »bloody« holiday originated from the British islands and was imported by British citizens to America.


When someone looks at me me wide-eyed and frightened when they mention Chicago, I shrug. Because for better or worse, it is still Sweet Home Chicago.

Continent of hypocrites

Europe is joining forces with China and Russia against the US in order to continue doing business with a dictatorship. What about those »European values«?

Stepping into Trump country

Nestled in Southern Ohio between Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton lies a small, rural town named Wilmington. It's »Trump« country.

New York

Erich and Hanna have received a card for a reception on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the end of the war. Memories come back.

Hamas’ political strategy

The March of Return is no peaceful demonstration but an attack against Israel. Hamas' goal is the abolition of the Jewish state. EU Foreign Minister Mogherini stands on the wrong side.

Barbarism vs. Civilisation

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be characterized as a barbaric aggression against civilization. There is no neutral stance: equidistance only strengthens barbarism.





Thomas M. Eppinger

Peter Sichrovsky