Highlights in English

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a tiny strip of land by the name of Gaza. Conquered from Egypt during the six day war. A war Israel won. Like the one before.

Salem, Massachusetts

Who are today's witches? What religion or nationality do they take? The world still fears and persecutes. Mass hysteria seems only a few short ticks away.

Getting Used to Terror

Almost all recent terrorists were well-known to the authorities. This raises questions in terms of the prison environment and duration of incarceration.

Road Trip USA

What should you see that would be ›real‹ America? As for the ›real‹ America, well, it’s all America, it’s all real, and it’s all very different. 


What you might need to know about Halloween: This »bloody« holiday originated from the British islands and was imported by British citizens to America.


When someone looks at me me wide-eyed and frightened when they mention Chicago, I shrug. Because for better or worse, it is still Sweet Home Chicago.

Continent of hypocrites

Europe is joining forces with China and Russia against the US in order to continue doing business with a dictatorship. What about those »European values«?