Prosit Neujahr!

Ein glückliches 2018!

Wir wünschen allen unseren Lesern und Unterstützern einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr, viel Glück, Gesundheit und Zufriedenheit!

Haben Sie ein gutes Jahr:

Another year you made a promise
Another chance to turn it all around
And do not save this for tomorrow
Embrace the past and you can live for now

And I will give the world to you

Speak louder than the words before you
And give them meaning no one else has found
The role we play is so important
We are the voices of the underground

And I would give the world to you

Say everything you’ve always wanted
Be not afraid of who you really are
Cause in the end we have each other
And that’s at least one thing worth living for

(A Great Big World – This Is the New Year)